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Documentary: Toen was ik al beroemd ( I was already famous then )

(Most likely only interesting for people that understand Dutch as the documentary has no subtitles)

Joop Korzelius was a renown jazz drummer in the 50’s. He had tons of girls and tons of money. He even played for the queen as the band he played in at the time, the Skymasters, was her favorite band. These days the 84 year old (at that time, he’s 86 or 87 now) sits on a bench in front of the Salvation Army drinking beer with his Salvation Army’s buddies. His sister (who is 80 in this documentary) lives in the ‘expensive’ area ’t Gooi and she doesn’t like it that he sits in a small room between drug addicts and other people who have lost the direction in their lives. But Joop likes it. You can see that when he is taking a look in a retirement home where old timers spend their days sitting in a chair watching tv, drinking tea and  playing games. He rather sits on his bench drinking his beloved beers. Because he is incredibly thirsty as he puts it himself.

When i read the description of the documentary i thought i would feel sorry for the old man. But after seeing this documentary it’s pretty safe to say he likes this way of living as it gives him the freedom he needs.

See the entire documentary here (it’s in Dutch, no subtitles)



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