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Distro update: Undersmile – Narwhal

New addition to the Breathe Plastic distro, England’s Undersmile. Released by Tartarus Records

Comes with a screenprinted patch. I have three of these for sale here.

TAR004 Undersmile – Narwhal 

We entered the Monodon at 5 this morning.
The depths to which we would sink were deemed unreachable, until now. Slowly but surely, the pummeling of pressures made the metal groan. What seemed to be sounds of strain gave way to eerie, luring voices. These were the voices of the void, beckoning, promising, encompassing. For 80 minutes, a slow, crushing vortex dragged us into the abysmal deep. The pressure chambers were shaking under the heaving, punching beats of hearts, slowed to the core of being. The darkness engulfs, the sirens absolve, we have arrived.

Narwhal was produced and co-mixed by Jimmy Hetherington and the band, and mastered by Billy Anderson. Artwork by Tony Roberts


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