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Death to all Tour

A few weeks ago the Death to All tour took place. A benefit for sweetrelief.org (a charity that provides financial assistance to musicians when they face illness or disability) and a tour to celebrate the life and music of death metal hero Chuck Schuldiner, who sadly passed away in 2001.


The gigs had legendary artists as Gene Hoglan, Sean Reinert, Steve DiGiorgio, Scott Clendenin, Paul Masvidal, Shannaon Hamm and Bobby Koelble (who all were part of Death at some point in history) play Death classics. The tour was unfortunately only 5 gigs and i doubt they will ever bring this to Europe so seeing this video is, despite the sometimes bad audio quality, the closest us European, South American, Asian (and quite a bit of Americans as well) fans will get to seeing Death again.

See the footage here, it’s made from contributions from people who were at the show.



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