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Current state of affairs

As the Facebooks continue to make it harder and harder to get the message out (ie. they just want you to pay for everything, something that’s understandable but annoying) I decided to take matters in my own hand a bit more by updating this thing a bit more often and not suffer too much from the whims of Zuckerberg and co.


I realize not many people look at it, or are not used to visit actual websites anymore for their news, but I figured if I’d diversify a bit more I can reach more people. Or so I hope.



Anyway, after the Grey Widow, Nate Hall and Bomg tapes were released things fell a bit flat here at the Breathe Plastic headquarters. One of the reasons for that was that I started looking for a new printingplant. While I was, and still am, very satisfied with the quality delivered by the plant that provided the first 22 Breathe Plastic tapes the delays got really annoying and it completely screwed up my release schedule. The search for a new, reliable and quality offering tape manufacturer turned out to be a bit harder than expected but things should be back to normal in a few weeks as I expect a bunch of test tapes. As they are also going to offer other tape related printing matters I am positive that this will be a change for the better even though things are a bit frustrating at the moment, with me not being able to release any tapes. Especially with a backlog of tapes to release that nears 15 releases.


First up when things are solved with the printing plant is Woudloper, a very promising Dutch blackmetal project by Erik B. Current drummer of Dresden/Leningrad. You can check out the first demo at bandcamp. and / or read an awesome review of it at the Sound, not the Word website. After that the renate/cordate album (stream the album and read a review from The Obelisk here!) will be released together with Sewer Disease, by IRN. The IRN tape (stream and review at the mighty Cvlt Nation!)will also have a special edition box, but I’ll get back on that in a later stage (ie. when the tapes are actually in).


So that’s about it for now, more news soon so hang tight and take care. Oh yes, there is still a crapload of awesome stuff available from the store. Think Thou, Mantar, Primitive Man, Hemelbestormer, Inter Arma to name but a few.


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