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Concerts 2010

Some people think lists are stupid and pointless. And they are, nonetheless i’m a big fan of a lot of stupid things and lists are no exception. So here is my list of concerts that made the biggest impression. Haven’t seen too many bands this year unfortunately (by far not as much as a couple of years ago). But still, here goes

  1. Black Mountain Incubate, Oisterwijk – Black Mountain in an open air nature theatre in the middle of a dark forest. Pretty damn good.
  2. Ufomammut Baroeg, Rotterdam – Missed them a couple of years ago as i had to catch my train. This made up for that, brilliant gig.
  3. Immolation 013, Tilburg – On album they are a bit hit and miss, but this one was solid, i was impressed.
  4. Crowbar Baroeg, Rotterdam – Not as good as i hoped due to some technical difficulties, still very enjoyable. Kirk is the man!
  5. AmenRa Baroeg, Rotterdam – Supporting Crowbar, solid as ever.
  6. Dillinger Escape Plan Melkweg, Amsterdam – I think it’s the 9th time i’ve seen them by now. Still impressive, never a let down. New songs are amazing live.
  7. Appollonia Flatertheek, Naaldwijk – One of my favourite bands from the past 2 years and i’m glad i could organize this gig in my local and favourite bar. Was a bit worried about the turn out as they had to come all the way from France. But it was crowded and the band was really thankful.
  8. Insision 013, Tilburg – Never heard of this band before, a friend told me to go check them out. In the smallest room in 013, it was very good.
  9. Man Must Die 013, Tilburg – Unfortunately i didn’t see their entire gig, but what i saw was both a bit surrealistic and impressive. Playing at the same time as Carcass in the main hall of 013 the room was rather empty. But they didn’t seem to mind.
  10. Revocation 013, Tilburg – Very enthusiastic three-piece, on album it doesn’t interest me as much. But the energy they had live was impressive.


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