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Circle Takes the Square!

As the Roots Undo by Circle Takes the Square must be one of my favorite albums ever, but since it alerady came out in 2004 it’s about time they hit the studio’s again.

Needless to say i was happy when i read this little message on their facebook this morning:

DECOMPOSITIONS recording sessions have begun. On the 1st day of January, 2011 we convened in Georgia, hailing from various locations across the map, at our old haunt: the Rockstudio. Today we began crafting Part I of this collection of new songs with our longtime friend and collaborator, Anthony Stubelek. We had a fruitful first day, as documented in the above montage of moving pictures, and completed tracking drums for two songs. We’ll continue to update this blog daily over the next couple of weeks, as our sessions continue and as plans for the release evolve. Thanks to everyone who has been keeping tabs on CTTS through dry spells and downpours alike. We can not wait to share these songs with you.

Anyway, if you like your music noisy, yet structured then check them out:


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