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Breathe Plastic Records

That’s right. After a bit of research, debating and beerdrinking the decision was made to start Breathe Plastic Records. In the past i’ve been doing, and often quitting, things that were music related, such as photographing and reviewing for various webzines, (briefly) playing in a band and organizing shows so there weren’t many things left to do in music but to start something like this.

I contemplated starting a new band but that turned out to be rather complicated and too time consuming (and the fact that i can’t sing and i have no talent on any instrument whatsoever didn’t help either).

So anyway, the focus of Breathe Plastic Records (or BPR) will be on tapes. Vinyl is too expensive and i don’t like cd’s so after seeing a lot of labels and bands putting out a lot of cool tapes again the past years that decision was an easy one to make. Plus since the first ever musical purchase i made from my self earned money was a tape (Duran Duran – Seven and the Ragged Tiger!) it also has a nice nostalgic feeling to it for me.

The first release will be here before the end of the year if all goes as planned (it will be announced shortly) and depending on how things go i plan on releasing a couple of albums per year. This can be a new band or an existing band that has already put out albums. It can be new releases as well as re-releases of older albums. Just as long as i like it, and the bands are enthusiastic about putting out their albums on tape. If you are an enthusiastic band get in touch and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Also, with a new ‘venture’ comes a new logo, which has already been placed on this website as some people might have already noticed.

Breathe Plastic Records

More updates soon, stay tuned!


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