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Breathe Plastic & Cvlt Nation Bizarre

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After 4 years, the CVLT Nation Store is closing its doors…but the CVLT Nation Bizarre is now open! Through CVLT Nation we have found so many immensely talented people from around the world who create music, art, clothing, jewellery and anything else you can imagine, all with a dark and twisted aesthetic. The Bizarre is a home for artisans and musicians to sell their wares alongside like-minded people, and a place to find beautiful and sinister pieces for your life and home, all while directly supporting the global underground. We’re launching with more than 50 vendors from all over the world, and that’s just the beginning…head over the the CVLT Nation Bizarre now and check out our deadly and diabolical offerings!

Breathe Plastic is happy to be a part of the CVLT Nation Bizarre. The store isn’t filled with a lot of products yet, but in time that will come. Check out the store and CVLT Nation Bizarre here.

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