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BPR 2: Carrion Mother – Koronis

With a little delay because of the snow throughout Europe the Carrion Mother tapes have finally arrived at the Breathe Plastic headquarters and they look and sound great. Almost 50 minutes of great post/doom/sludge from Germany.

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 Carrion Mother - Koronis

 Carrion Mother - Koronis

“This album is an incredible work of genius. This has totally blown me away from a band I don’t know much about. Brilliant. Absolutely Brilliant. Highly Recommended.” – The Sludgelord

“For a first release and a band who’s been around for a year, Carrion Mother‘s Koronis shows a more than firm grip on aesthetic and sets them up with any number of avenues for growth their next time out.”
– The Obelisk


Carrion Mother - Koronis




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