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Album of week: Conan – Horseback Battlehammer

I don’t know if it’s the cold wintery weather, there has been a thick fog over the Netherlands for the past two days, that influences my mood for music. But lately i’ve been listening to a lot of doom and sludge metal (even more than before). Of course there are the usual suspects that have been filling my playlists for years in a row now like Mindrot, Winter, DiSEMBOWELMENT, Neurosis, In the Woods.., Beyond Dawn and some newer bands like Rwake, Subrosa, Obscure Phoenix and The Ruins of Beverast. But i’m always looking for new and undiscovered acts. Luckily i have my good friends of the Roadburn festival (technically they aren’t friends but after offering years of great festivals fun with amazing bands i can consider them friends, right?) to help me with that from time to time. After one of the line-up updates i checked out a band called Conan. Not expecting too much, i thought they would be another retro band, i downloaded and checked out their Horseback Battlehammer EP.

And damn, this is one seriously impressing piece of work. Slow, devastating and incredibly heavy. Horseback Battlehammer consists of four songs spanning about 33 minutes. Which sounds short but with the intensity of the music it’s long enough and i doubt a 50 minute album would have left the same impact as it has now. Several bands could be names as influences (i’ve read names like Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Sunn 0))), Khanate, Torche) and while all of them are more or less true one band that really comes to mind is Winter. Especially production wise i think Conan has a lot in common with these New York heroes. It’s been a while since i’ve heard a band tuned this low and sounding this massive.

Or as another blog called them

Caveman-level primitive doom. It’s so immensely heavy it’s ridiculous and awesome at the same time.

And that basically sums this up.

Stand out songs for me are the last two ones which have a little more diversity then the first two songs. Not saying those first two songs are bad by any means. Be sure to check them out at their bandcamp page and look for their album, it’s rather limited as far as i know but you should be able to find a copy through Burning World Records



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