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Album of the week: Soap & Skin – Narrow

Soap & Skin already had an album of the week around this time last year on this website. An album i still play on a regular basis. Last week her new album (or is it an EP?) Narrow came out.

Since Lovetune for Vaccuum is still a fantastic album in my opinion i was really curious about Narrow. The first thing that stood out was the short lenght, as it’s only 29 minutes long (compared to 50 minutes on her debut). And i must admit that the first couple of spins i thought this album was a bit of a disappointment. The first two songs, Vater and Voyage voyage ( an almost unrecognizable cover of the 80’s song from Desireless ) are what you can expect if you know the previous album, emotional, passionate and bombastic songs.

But after that things take a bit of a different turn with Deathmental, a bit of an industrial piece with strange rhythms that takes some time to get used to. Cradlesong is a bit of an unremarkable song after Deathmental. Luckily the final four songs Wonder, Lost, Boat Turns Toward the Port and Big Hand Nails Down are excellent songs. Especially Wonder and Boat Turns Toward the Port are impressive.

As said before, at first i wasn’t too sure about this release but after a couple of spins this album turned out to be a very interesting release.

Boat Turns Toward the Port has a video.



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