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Album of the week: Soap and Skin – Lovetune for Vaccuum

After the previous post and while writing this post i was wondering what the hell i have been doing in my teenage years (it’s pretty safe i was probably getting drunk and listening to loud music btw). Why i ask myself this is the fact that the majority of the songs on Soap and Skin’s Lovetune for Vaccuum were written while Anja Plaschg (the person behind Soap and Skin) was only a teenager. So at 19 it’s pretty safe to say this is one impressive debut. Musically she moves between classical music (mainly because of the use of piano), Bjork, PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. From time to time you also get some electronics or string instruments.

Lovetune for Vaccuum at first might sound rather dark and gloomy which might turn you off, but underneath all this darkness and sadness there is a lot of beauty. Which makes Lovetune for Vaccuum a very impressive album that stays interesting, even after several spins. Not recommended for anyone that usually likes their music all bubbly, happy and fun. But for everyone else this is very much recommended.

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