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Album of the week: Sky Architects – The Reflection EP

Sky Architects is a young band from Denmark, having recorded only an album in 2008 before this one. I’m not familiar with the album (yet) but the brief reviews i read about it is that it lacked a bit of focus. Enter 2010 and the Reflection EP has none of these issues anymore. As they describe it themselves Sky Architects play ‘doom pop’, which sounds quite ridiculous at first, but after listening to this EP i can see where that comes from. Sky Architects take bits and pieces from post-rock, metal, indie and pop and make a nice hybrid out of that.

Bands that come to mind when listening to The Reflection are the usual post-rock bands Explosions in the Sky, 65daysofstatic and Sigur Ros but also a bit of Deftones and Isis alike bands. The vocals often kinda reminds me of the (clean) vocalist in Dutch/Norwegian/wherever band The Spirit That Guides Us. Which are all meant as a compliment. Promising band!

Listen to the entire album on bandcamp


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