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Album of the week: Ocoai – The Electric Hand

Two albums of the week? Yes sir (or Yes ma’am), it was a hard choice between Jesse Sykes and this one. So instead of being lazy, write this little piece about this one and post it next week i figured i’d post two albums and try to come up with something else next week.

This instrumental 5-piece band from Tennessee released their new album ‘The Electric Hand’ not too long ago. And i’m pretty impressed by it to say the least. Surfing around the web you see different descriptions of this band and album, from post-rock/metal to sludge to Mastodon-ish. But the ‘It’s like Pink Floyd killing a dinosaur’ description i saw stood out. Not only because it’s a cool sounding description, but also because it’s pretty spot on.

The album starts off with Niveus Hills, not counting the intro, which can be described as a bit of a symphonic Mastodon/Baroness (as weird as that may sound). My favourite song on this album is the second song, Grimpeur, a 13+ minute psychedelic, prog-rock type of song with very nice Pink Floyd-ish guitar work which develops into a more heavier, sludgy riff and rhythm, but never losing that prog-rock feeling. Impressive.

Other stand out songs are La Main d’Electrique, with a hammond organ, violins and a nice jam-session feel to it and Marchand de Sommeil, which first four minutes are a complete Pink Floyd worship. The only downside, for me, is that of the 50 minutes this album lasts about 15 minutes can be considered intro, outro or intermezzo. Not saying those parts are bad but i would have loved to hear more songs like Grimpeur or La Main d’Electrique. That would have made this album a serious contender for my personal album of the year.

But all complaining aside. This is something you should hear and that’s something that’s made easier by their label Missing Words because they stream the entire album at http://www.missingwords.com/electric_hand/index.html

Hope you enjoy, because i most certainly did (and do).


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