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Album of the week: Man's Gin – Smiling Dogs

Lately it’s a bit of a trend in metal land to be the frontman of a well known band and start a more laid back side project. For instance there is Bruce Lamont from Yakuza and of course the guys in Neurosis both have their solo projects. Man’s Gin is the side project from Erik Wunder from Cobalt together with guitarist/pianist Scott Edwards and bass player Josh Lozano (Inswarm). At first i was a bit worried that it might be a little disappointing just like the Neurosis’ guys projects (not bad but after three songs you’ve kinda heard it all). But what a surprise Man’s Gin is!

Influences come from bands and artists like Wovenhand, Deadboy and Elephantman (or Dax Riggs in general), Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen but also 90’s acts like Alice in Chains and Soundgarden come to mind while listening to great (and catchy; within minutes you are singing or humming along with the songs like you’ve known them all your life) songs like Smiling Dogs, Free, Stone on My Head, Solid Gold Telephone or The Death of Jimmy Sturgis. Great vocals, amazing piano and guitar work and a great production make this one of my favorite albums lately.

Listen for yourself here:
Man’s Gin – “Solid Gold Telephone” (MP3)
Man’s Gin – “Smiling Dogs” (MP3)


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