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Album of the week: Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter – Marble Son

Never having heard of her before Jesse Sykes (and the Sweet Hereafter) were one of the bigger surprises of this years’ Roadburn festival. Stuck between the brutal and noisy likes of Summon the Crows and Menace Ruine and right before the droning madness of Sunn 0))) Jesse Sykes was a nice calm and catchy (and much needed) resting point.


During their gig the focus was on their previous album, but i recognize quite a bit of songs from this Marble Son album being played as well. Musically you can describe Marble Son as psychedelic alt. country or country noir which means you can expect dreamy, quiet and sometimes loud songs about fatality, love and all the crap that comes with that. The entire album has a bit of a 60’s/70’s vibe to it. Which, to me, makes this a very pleasurable album to listen to.

Not completely comparable, but if you like bands like Black Math Horseman, Black Mountain or maybe even Jex Thoth you will most likely enjoy this as well.


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