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Album of the week: Horseback – Halfblood

The first time i heard to this album i wondered what the hell this was. Americana/folk-y laidback music with a blackmetal vocalist over it, the laidback music and the harsh vocals, that’s something that shouldn’t match. But it does. The more i listen to this album the better it gets and the more it ‘clicks’. The first half of the album is kinda straight forward, as far as that is possible on such an original album, in its approach while the second half (or the three last songs) are more ambient/drone-y.

Horseback is from North Carolina and Halfblood is their second album. Invisible Mountain is their first (not counting a compilation album that came out in 2011) but i haven’t heard any of their previous material. Something that will change after listening to this.


If you are looking for acts that resemble Horseback, you should think of bands like Earth and maybe Ufomammut but really Horseback is something special and not really comparable to other bands. A truely remarkable album in my opinion.


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