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Album of the week: Destroy Judas – Wake

Destroy Judas is a 5 piece out of Orange County and Long Beach and consists of people that were in bands like Mindrot, Phobia, Asunder and Eyes of Fire. The Mindrot/Eyes of Fire link got me interested as especially Mindrot is one of my favourite bands ever (and extremely overlooked/underestimated in my opinion).

While, as an oblivious Dutchman, i thought things were always sunny in California Destroy Judas is far from sunny. With some imagination you can take the ocean inspired song titles and occasional seagull/ocean samples as a reminder they are indeed from sunny California everything else about this album isn’t.
As the rest is rather dark, not to say pitch dark.

Destroy Judas(Picture taken by Cvltnation)

Wake only has four songs, but lasts 50 minutes and while they have an obvious Isis influence they are much more doom metal than Isis ever was.  Besides that there are influences from deathmetal (especially in the vocals) and some brief blackmetal and postrock influences to be found within their songs. Besides that the influences from some of their previous bands (as far as i’m familiar with them) is obvious. The more tribal percussion and doom/death from Mindrot and the more melodic/catchy side from Eyes of Fire do come to shore every now and then. Making this album a lot more diverse compared to a lot of their peers and therefor stand out in my opinion.

While there are about 7 million bands that play this style of music these days it seems Destroy Judas is one of those bands that stand out and with Wake they have delivered a great album. Hopefully this is enough for them to get noticed and recognized. In my opinion they deserve it.

Wake can be downloaded at an ‘pay what you want’ price at bandcamp. And it will be released soon as a limited to 150 pieces vinyl. If you want the vinyl just keep an eye on their Facebook page. But don’t order one before i have, i would hate missing out on this one.


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