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Album of the week: Bréag Naofa – Untitled

Bréag Noafa (which means Holy Lie in Gaelic) is a band from Seattle who play a form of crusty sludge that covers some of the same ground bands like Neurosis, Cult of Luna and Fall of Efrafa do (or did). And they do that rather well. The sound and riffs are massive, often starting out slow and rather peaceful and slowly evolving into fast(er) and more aggressive D-beat riffs and rhythms.

With Fall of Efrafa gone, and their successor Light Bearer unfortunately not as good as i hoped, i can see a bright and promising future for this six-piece. As they do seem to have the quality to write interesting songs with several influences without ending up sounding rehashed or too generic.

Well done.

You can stream a song from their bandcamp page, and they are taking pre-orders for the release of their album through Panic Records


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