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Album of the week: As the Stars Fall – Tempus Fugit

As with a lot of genres that get popular rather quickly there are copycats, bandwagon hoppers and utterly crap bands coming from every corner very quickly. The post-rock genre not being an exception to that. After the late 90’s/early 00’s ‘explosion’ of the genre with bands like Slint, the entire group of bands around Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky there came a lot of mediocre stuff (of course with the occasional exceptions) causing the genre to lose it’s appeal to a lot of people including myself.

Of course i still love and adore the classics (you can wake me up for an Explosions in the Sky album every night) but new bands that impressed, besides early 65daysofstatic, Yndi Halda (what happened to them?), iLiKETRAiNS or Caspian were in the minority.

Every now and then i tried an album that was recommended for fans of.. (insert popular band in genre here) but ever so often it was a disappointing rehashing of old ideas.


Because of that i wasn’t too enthusiastic about As the Stars Fall at first. But after the first tones of Tempus Fugit that changed. As the Stars Fall is a band from Paris, France that play a beautiful form of ambient post/rock, with hints of electronics and a very nice use of movie samples (does anyone know where the sample in I Gave You a Choice comes from? It sounds like Joe Pesci, but i have no idea what movie it’s from). Most songs do have a bit of the same build up, but that’s never a problem as they manage to keep the album interesting.

Tempus Fugit lasts about 38 minutes and that’s way too short in my opinion. Very nice band and album that stands out in a very crowded genre. It’s a shame they only appear to have this out on cd. I would love to have this one on vinyl.

Listen to the entire album Tempus Fugit on bandcamp or visit their website



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