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Album of the week: Akelei – De Zwaarte van het Ontstane

Years and years ago i spent an insane amount of time on IRC, in particular the #doom-metal channel. At that time a great way to spend time talking to nice and interesting people and discovering many bands in my then favorite genre: doom metal.

When that started to lose it’s appeal my interest in the ‘original’ doom metal genre faded as well. The occasional band being the exception of course, but overall i went on to discover other genres. Recently though my interest was awakened by a Dutch band that got a lot of good reviews. The interesting part about this band was that they were singing in Dutch. Which is pretty much not too common in metal.

Being a bit worried about the Dutch lyrics (which is usually resulting in cheesy songs by even more cheesy artists) i gave this band a spin. At first i felt the lyrics were a bit forced. The reason for that is that sometimes the ‘rhyming’ of the words seems a bit too far fetched, but after a couple of spins the annoyance that resulted from that was pretty much gone. Another thing that is different about this band is that it’s entirely clean vocals and no death growls which is often the case with this type of bands, making them usually a bit generic. The clean vocals add a bit of a theatrical touch to the music. Which isn’t a bad thing. Just takes some time getting used to.

Not taking the vocals/lyrics into account De Zwaarte van het Doorstane is a very good album in the vein of old My Dying Bride, Left Hand Solution, Katatonia, Agalloch, Ahab and Ophis for instance. Fans of these bands should definitely give this promising band a try.

You can check out the album here, for free. Just be sure to buy the album when you like it.



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