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Album of the random timeframe: Today is the Day – Pain is a Warning

One of the most extreme bands in metal must be Today is the Day. Terrorizing the world since the early 90’s they’ve released several albums of which Sadness Will Prevail and Temple of the Morning Star are my favorites. Recently i saw them playing at the Roadburn festival and there i was reminded that they were still more relevant than a lot of ‘modern’ metal bands trying to be extreme.

Anyway, Pain is a Warning is their 9th album and it’s once again a joy to listen to. The album seems a bit more coherent than their previous releases, which was in my opinion a bit of a weak spot of this band in the past, and the addition of clean vocals and an almost singer-songwriter esque song with whispered vocals make this a very diverse album. Don’t let that scare you if you want your Today is the Day as sick, violent and brutal as they used to be in the past because that’s exactly what this album still is. It should come out next week, and you can (and should) order it at the Indiemerch store.

Check out a new song below:


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