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Album of the random timeframe: Subrosa – No Help for the Mighty One

Sometimes i really hate my RSS feeds and the amounts of new music to check out it spews at me on a weekly basis. Resulting in making me check out a lot of crappy music. But sometimes in the seemingly endless piles of manure you find something really great. Subrosa is one of those little gems in my opinion.

Subrosa is from Utah, USA and is a female dominated doom rock band (although i guess doom metal, or sludge are good descriptions as well). They are on Profound Lore which is slowly starting to become my favourite label when it comes to releasing great music with bands like YOB, Yakuza, Man’s Gin and Grayceon. The only downside to that label is that they hardly release stuff on vinyl. Anyway, i’m drifting.. back to Subrosa.. No Help for the Mighty One lasts one hour and isn’t an easy album to get into. But Subrosa always keeps it interesting enough to keep listening.

A bit comparable with bands like Black Math Horseman, US Christmas, Jex Thoth, Across Tundras and the likes. The addition of two violin players makes this album sound eerie and sad and to be honest, this is amazing. Everything seems to make sense with this album even though at first it might sound a bit weird and/or out of tune/key. Which may be because the production and playing isn’t as perfect, but it fits the music, which makes it close to perfect.





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