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Album of the (insert random timeframe): Obscure Sphinx – Anaesthetic Inhalation Ritual

After listening to the two track promo that i found through the post-engineering blog of the full album from this band i decided to purchase the entire album on mp3 (it can be yours for only 3 euro’s by clicking here), something i hardly do (pay for mp3’s that is) but i liked to make an exception for this remarkable band.

Obscure Sphinx is from Poland and is a very interesting band that travels through sludge, doom, post-metal and adds a bit of atmosphere to it. Thing that does stand out are the vocals. Zofia Fra? sounds like Julie Christmas, the girl from Overmars (on Born Again), and sometimes even Agnete from Madder Mortem, sometimes hysterical, sometimes soothing but always impressive.

One of the more pleasant new albums recently. Hopefully they get a bit more recognition which will earn them a place on the Roadburn festival next year. (or a normal tour would be sufficient as well). Go check it out if you like your music slow and heavy!


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