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Album: Khoma – All Erodes

I was a bit surprised to see this album sent to me. After 2006’s A Second Wave i never heard of Khoma again, and so completely missing the fact they had released another album in 2010 called A Final Storm. Therefor i can only compare this new album to A Second Wave.

A Second Wave was one of my most played albums in 2006 and i loved the post-rock/metal approach with beautiful clean vocals on that album. While All Erodes is a new album it’s not necessarily completely filled with new songs as the majority of the songs on this release were written over the period of 2002 to 2012 but were never released as they either weren’t completely finished or didn’t fit.

The songs on A Second Wave were a bit more ‘metal’ in their approach compared to the songs on this album. This album reminds me more of bands like Muse, Radiohead and later Anathema with some touches of Deftones maybe, it’s all very skillfull and well executed and while it’s definitely not a bad album it’s a bit too ‘calm’ and controlled to my liking.

For an album that’s filled with songs that were written over a period of 2002 to 2012 this album is surprisingly coherent though and i’m sure there are enough people that will enjoy this album. The album can be purchased from Pelagic Records.


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