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Album: Family – Portrait

It took me a long time to start writing this review. While usually it’s because of a lack of inspiration this time it was because i had no idea whether to like this band or not.

Reading the biography got me rather curious as it mentioned members playing for Cobalt, Jarboe and a personal favorite of mine, Man’s Gin. But forget those names as that’s not what you are going to get as Family can be described as a mixture of Keelhaul, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Baroness, Unsane and Thin Lizzy. With the singer of Burst.

Sounds odd? It is and it’s the main reason why i had no idea what to think of this band initially. On the first couple of spins i got rather annoyed by the vocalist, whose constant yelling got on my nerves and distracted from the music too much.

But upon further inspection you will notice there are a lot of great riffs and rhythms on this album. Once you get past the vocals and focus on the music you are in for a great ride across the aforementioned bands. Weird proggy bits, mathy guitars, sludge and the feeling of a 70’s bluesy jam? It’s all present and it all works.

While it all works I do have the feeling that if they pack a little less ideas into their songs and add a little variation to the vocals this band can go very far as this is a seriously talented band and another interesting act on Pelagic Records.


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