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Album: CROWN – The One

It’s unknown to me what they are putting in the water in France in recent years but it must be something special as great bands and projects keep surfacing from the land of the baquettes and wine. We already have Appollonia, Eibon, Year of No Light, Celeste, Overmars to name but a few and in my opinion we can add CROWN to that list as well. Unlike their not too original name their music is an interesting trip across various forms of doom and sludge.

CROWN is a duo, two guys and their drum machine. The drum machine gives it a bit of a Jesu vibe but luckily it’s not too dominating. Luckily because honestly I’m not too fond of Jesu. Overall they are also a lot heavier than Jesu, leaning more towards the heavy riff focussed bands like Isis or Minsk but also towards a more doom oriented act like The Atlas Moth (some of the vocals remind me of that band as well). They do vary that with more ambient parts.
The harsher vs. mellower parts is also prominent in the vocals. There is a harsh scream but also a more slowed down lower clean voice that gets a bit hypnotic, in a good way, after a while.

I would personally prefer a less ‘machine like’ drumsound as the drum machine gets a bit to prominent in the quieter parts, but that might just be a matter of my own personal taste. Other than that there are no complaints about this first CROWN release as this is a very interesting and impressive album (or EP, as it’s only 33 minutes long) from this French duo. Curious what the future will bring for these guys.

Listen to them below.
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