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Album: Amber – Amber

Amber is a five- piece band from Germany and they play post-rock / post-metal.
They draw influences from bands like Isis and AmenRa, the latter especially in the vocals. But i also hear similarities with Envy and the unfortunately defunct Dutch band Captain, Your Ship is Sinking.

As usual in this genre they take their time in their compositions and with their shortest song being 5.24 and with their longest song clocking in at over 9 minutes it’s obvious this isn’t music for the impatient ones. The songs usually consist of beautiful acoustic parts that slowly build up to more heavier and groovier parts. Which is also the only ‘complaint’ i have, towards the end of this EP things tend to get a little repetitive. But that never gets too bothersome.

Especially if you operate in a very crowded genre like Amber do it’s quite difficult to stand out as a band these days. The Internet is swamped with bands all trying to get your attention, but Amber does a great job in getting my attention and they deserve the attention from people that are into the aforementioned bands.



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