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30 songs in 30 days

Haven’t been posting much lately, started my own parttime webdesign ‘business’ recently (more on that in the near future) and things have been quite hectic. As it takes some planning and juggling between a normal job and a parttime job, and i’m not known for either of those skills. So i turn out to be working until 10 or 11 at night after my normal job or in the weekends. Which is a good sign since i’m busy and new requests keep coming but it also means there isn’t much spare time left to update stuff like this.

So after the somewhat failed ‘Album of the Week’ attempt, which has turned out to be more like a ‘album of the random time frame’ item i’m trying to force myself in updating this more with a 30 songs in 30 days project. Every day i post a song according to some list someone set up. You can look up the list for yourself and see what type of songs they will be, or you don’t and be surprised at my amazing, diverse and wonderful taste in music (ahem).


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